Hand Knitted Pillows

  • Hand Knitted Pillows

You will receive one of our hand knitted pillows. These pillows are made by hand with super soft chunky chenille yarn and fluffy poly-fil. These pillows are super soft to the touch, extremely comfortable and fluffy to lay on, and look absolutely amazing to display with a simple but beautiful pattern. These pillows are a great addition to any home and are great to use as a nice comfy pillow and as a gorgeous unique decoration.

* These hand knitted chunky square pillows measure about 14.5 inches by 14.5 inches and is about 6 inches thick.

* Please remember that these pillows are hand knitted and though they are able to handle normal use pulling and tugging can’t disturb the pattern, can cause stretching, and can cause the poly-fil to become visible and possibly fall out depending on how large to space in between stitching is made. Due to this we advise to please watch your pillows around children and pets who may cause a disturbance to the pattern.